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Meet your founders 🙋🏼‍♂️

  • At hi we want to change the healthcare experience for the better. We trust our vision, our work, ourselves, and each other and I want to ensure that hi is your opportunity to grow personally and professionally!

    Sebastian Gruber


  • I love working with people who want to solve real problems. With hi, we dedicate a whole company to the getting people the right health care service for them, in a smoother way than society currently offers. If this sounds exciting to you, I’d love to get to know you!

    Fredrik Debong


Workplace & Culture

Company Values

  • Simplicity

    Just as we want our products to be simple and smooth for our users, we also want our work and our processes to be simple and smooth for ourselves and for each other. We value efficiency, clear decision-making, and straightforward processes that provide some-but-not-overkill structure for our work.

  • Trust

    We trust our vision, our work, ourselves and each other. We want to earn the trust of our users: that means following all applicable rules and guidelines, maintaining the highest level of ethics, professional standards and responsibility, and remaining always consistent, competent, and authentic.

  • Changing the Game

    We want to change the healthcare experience and reinvent what it means to access and manage healthcare. We believe in the power of technology and disruptive thinking. We work hard, we move fast, and we push boundaries. We’re not stuck in our lanes – we’re all willing and eager to do what needs doing to push the envelope.

  • Human

    We care about our users and our coworkers and strive always to speak kindly and truthfully. We believe in a foundational level of humanity and emotional understanding that underlines all that we do and say. We believe in the importance of what we do and the value of our work to the users that we help.